Sneh by ScoopWhoop

First Crime Thriller Short Film

MotionGraphics - Credit Sequence - Promotional Graphics

SNEH is the first crime thriller short film by ScoopWhoop Media, which was also selected for the MAMI Film Festival 2016. The story revolves around a dysfunctional family where the 'man' of the house goes missing. The protagonist, a middle-class housewife with her young daughter wakes up to the uncanny disappearance of her husband, Manoj, who serves in the police department.


The mini thriller web film is an experiment in non-linear narrative storytelling and it reveals information in a way that the audience has not seen before on the Indian web. The story, rather than going forward, traces its steps backwards into the murky dealings of the human mind, debauchery, love, hatred and that dangerous thing called 'desire'.



Inspired By True Events

A Film By ScoopWhoop​

Writer Kunal Aneja

Director Amit Malik

Producer Sneha Mitra

Director of Photography Tushar Joshi

Director's Assistant Austin Paul

2nd Assistant Director Akshay Nayar

Production Coordinator Vikrant Ratanpal

Executive Producer Sudipta Dey

Creative Director Prithwish Barman

Art Director Austin Paul

Styling Sneha Mitra

Makeup Yogita Khanna

Editor Amit Malik & Ankur Dobriyal

Designs Amarjeet Singh, Shashank Singh,

Utkarsh Tyagi & Aakansha Pushp

Graphics Puneet Gaur & Trnvir Singh

Credit Sequence Trnvir Singh

Sound Recordist Dhananjay Singh

Music & Background Score Vishrut Pandey

Line Producer Creative Production

Casting Agent Anita Bobal

Marketing & PR Dimpi Gupta & Meghna Bhat

Social Media Manager Sagarika Ghosh

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