BurgerKing - Indonesia


Direction - MotionGraphics 

A suspense-thriller video for Burger King (Indonesia) was conceptualized keeping in mind that people love edge-of-the-seat action involving conflict and relatable characters.


Dramatic audio complementing the story-line ensured the perfect climax scene. The clear communication for the offer was the perfect ending a brand wants and deserves.

Asset 1_3x.png
Asset 13_3x.png
Sequence 02.00_00_02_14.Still001.png
Sequence 02.00_00_06_06.Still002.png
Sequence 02.00_00_12_19.Still003.png
Sequence 02.00_00_18_17.Still004.png
Sequence 02.00_00_25_15.Still005.png
Sequence 02.00_00_28_05.Still006.png


Campaign #5For50

Concept, Direction & Animation Trnvir Singh

Character Design Shilpa Hait

Set Design & Character Animation Aayush Kheterpal

Compositing Trnvir Singh

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