Bikkgane Biryani


Direction - MotionGraphics 

Everyone loves a good love story In collaboration with Bikkgane Biryani, LT Studio formulated Valentine's Week campaign that brought people closer to their one true love: biryani. We celebrated biryani in all its humble glory, showcasing how it comes to our rescue in everyday life.

Biryani doesn't need a day to profess its love; it is by our side all throughout the year. So if you find someone calling a plate of steaming biryani his/her soulmate, you know whom to thank.


Client Bikkgane Biryani

Campaign #CelebrateTrueLove

Concept & Writer Naimish Shrivastava

Direction & Animation Trnvir Singh

Graphics Pavnesh Sharangi & Sukhdev Pakhrija


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